Ritmo központosító rögzítő 125-500 2 ág (egyenes, 45°, 90°szög)

547.821 Ft + áfa (bruttó 695.733 Ft)

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ALIGNER 125 – 500 is an essential and professional tool for the alignment and support of pipes during electrofusion from Ø 125 mm to 500 mm.

The ALIGNER is entirely made of steel, featuring a central adjustable joint and pipe fastening clamps fixed on axes.
The adjustable joint can be set on 4 different working positions to allow welding at preset angles such as 45°, 90°, “in line” and T welding.
Axes have V-shaped clamps positioned on them, which are equipped with pipe fastening belts. The system, along with fixing the pipe to the clamp, serves also as a centering device.
Each axis has 2 guides on which the clamps are able to slide.

Practical side handles ensure an easy grip during movement and positioning, both during welding procedures, and preparation.

The aligner is available in two configurations: 2 axes and 3 axes (to weld T fittings).

Aligner complete with four clamps, service spanner

Technical features: 

Working range  

Ø 125 ÷ 500 mm
For welding 45° – 90° – in line – T
Dimensions 2 axes version    1815 x 610 x 410 mm
Dimensions 3 axes version    1815 x 1230 x 410 mm
Weight 2 axes version 38 Kg
Weight 3 axes version 52 Kg

+ egy rögzítő kar kérhető T idom hegesztéshez +50% felárért.

További információk

Tömeg 38 kg




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